It’s always a little hard to write the first entry in a new blog. You always wonder how much background to start with. Should you just go all in media res and start in the middle? Should you try to explain why you started the blog in the first place? Should you do what I’m doing here and publicly angst about it? We’ll stick with that!

I am 8 days away from becoming Dr. Bishop. That still totally blows me away to think about. I’m also 12 days away from actually living in Charlotte. Nate’s been there for about 5 months already, but we’ll both finally be there. We’ll be done with this holding pattern we’ve been in for a while. It’s really exciting!

I’m so ready to finish school and get out there that I’ve been packing a little bit every day for nearly a week. My box pile is starting to get rather large for my little living space. Interestingly, despite the growing box pile, I don’t feel like there’s less stuff out in the apartment.

So many boxes!

Hodgins, however, is really enjoying himself! He likes “helping” me pack by putting himself in almost every newly set up box (before it fills with stuff!)

“I’m packed and ready to go!”

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2 Responses to Packing…

  1. Well, you know, just in case you forget him.

  2. Kelly says:

    Durp loooves getting empty boxes, too!

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