The Trip

Welcome to North Carolina!

The drive from Waco to Charlotte is a long one! The Bug’s odometer ended up around 1100 miles. It took 2 days (and a stopover in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.)

This was “fur and away” the longest car ride the cats have ever taken. We rustled up some alternate cages for them to ride in because we felt like their normal cat carriers weren’t big enough for such prolonged confinement.

Hodgins rode in a giant, blue pop-up cage I got from my parents after their Yorkie Raz broke through the mesh in his seperation anxiety. We patched it with some iron-on patches and it held Hodgins just fine. He mostly slept for the trip.

Hodgins passed out

Elli, on the other hand, did not enjoy the car ride. At least she didn’t get car sick this time, which was one of my fears for this trip. She did however, stay awake for the majority of the first day. She resigned herself to the trip on the second day and cat-napped for most of it.

“I did not approve this trip.”

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One Response to The Trip

  1. wacosunshine says:

    At least Hogie could chill out on the ride.

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