New Cars!

Nate and I have both been driving progressively more unreliable cars.

Nate’s car, a 2001 Sunfire, has overall served him very well. With over 100,000 miles, it has needed few repairs. The paint, however, has pretty much abandoned us. After 4 years in the snows of Vermont and then 4 years in the sun of Texas, the paint threw in the towel. The car has developped a certain concerning vibration at anything over about 55 mph.

My car, a 2004 VW Bug, was everything I wanted in a car in high school. It was so cute! Such great gas mileage! And mostly so cute! It was awesome for several years… until lots of “little” things started to go wrong. However, it seems like nothing is actually a little thing in a VW. Taking what you expect a car repair to cost and doubling it became my rule of thumb when fixing it. Headlight (x3), blinker (x4), various other electrical issues, etc.

After lots of talking about it and a nice loan offer from USAA (and real grown up jobs!), we decided to buy a car. We settled on getting a Ford Focus, ditching the Sunfire and keeping the Bug. Then, my dad joked that maybe we could get a bulk discount if we got 2 cars. So, we looked into it… and the answer is, yeah, kind of!

We settled on a Ford Focus (for me) and a Ford Escape (for him)! We LOVE them.

Before and after! (Or, in the order in the picture, after and before!) Picture taken by my dad.

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One Response to New Cars!

  1. Kelly says:

    David and I have a Ford Escape and we LOVE it. Seriously, SUCH a good car.

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