Pancakes and Schedules

Until I start working (June 3!) and since my parents left, I’m kind of at loose ends, schedule-wise. Nate works from like 10:30PM til 8ishAM. I could become nocturnal so I could sleep next to him or I could go with being awake during the day, seeing him when he’s awake and home and sleeping alone. I’ve opted for the latter since it’s what our life will be like once I get started at work. (Also, because I am terrible at being awake at night. Overnight ER in vet school was terrible for me.)

One nice thing about this schedule is that we get to make breakfast together. We pulled out the griddle we got for our wedding and made blueberry pancakes! They were delicious.

Nate was our griddle-master.

We’re also going to use our opposite schedules to start a couch-to-5k program. Day one went really well and we’re hoping it continues to go well!

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