My First Day as a Veterinarian!

I had a wonderful first day at work! A long, long day but definitely a good one!

I spent nearly 11 hours at work (9AM-7:50PM) and saw 28 patients.

Today was apparently exceptionally busy. The techs Neyamiah and Andrew both told me multiple times that I was doing really well and they were impressed that I jumped in and kept everything going. We had 3 doctors and were down a nurse (technician.) We also had an overbooked surgery schedule (7 dentals, multiple mass removals, a toe amputation and a couple wound/abscess debridements.)

I spent so much of my day hopping that the cases themselves are blending together in my head.

My morning started off a little rough because I landed a recheck for a 7 year old boxer that came in with giant lymph nodes last week and turns out to have high grade (extremely aggressive) lymphoma (cancer.) I didn’t make the diagnosis but I had to have the life expectancy and quality of life talk with these owners I’ve never met. That was a little uncomfortable.

My day got better, though, because I got to see a lot of puppies for vaccinations! I mean, I’m sure it gets boring eventually to vaccinate puppies, but right now it’s fun and sweet. The puppies are adorable, the people are excited and the puppies are healthy!

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