Nate and I both love amusement parks and we are lucky enough to live about 20 minutew away from one!

Carowinds is south of Charlotte and actually sits about half in South Carolina and half in North Carolina, which Nate found particularly hilarious for some reason!

South Carolina this way, North Carolina that way!

We didin’t end up seeing the whole park because we got season passes so we felt like we could leave early and come back later. What we did see and ride was great!

We started off on the Nighthawk, one of the first coasters out of the gate (which is probably why we waited nearly an hour and a half to ride it.) It is the first roller coaster like it that I’ve ever ridden! You sit down facing away from the track and then get tilted onto your back before the ride starts. You climb the first hill on your back, head first. Once the ride starts you’re on your stomach, super-man style. It was amazing!

The Nighthawk was my favorite coaster of the day!

After the Nighthawk, we rode the newest ride at Carowinds, the Windseeker. The Windseeker is a combination of a giant tower and swings. You sit on these little swing seats with lap bars and get taken really high up in the air and spun around. I’m sure it’s actually relatively slow, but with the wind up there it feels really fast! The view, though, is amazing!

We then went to the Afterburn, which is a suspended coaster (one of those ones where your feet dangle.) It was a really great ride! We actually got delayed in line for about 10 minutes because they had to clean one of the cars and the deck. Someone threw up (apparently, too much icee.)

Nate really liked the Afterburn!

We then went through a really short line to this silly quasi-kids ride called the Woodstock Gliders (in their Snoopy-land kid’s park.) You sit in these little glider cars and it spins you around. You control how high you go by moving what amounts to the sail. It was a lot more fun than I expected.

After lunch, we wanted an easy ride so we pretty much walked right onto the Woodstock Express, a small wooden coaster. It was a fun little ride, though the cars were really small! It was almost an uncomfortable fit to get me and Nate into one car. And, like all wooden coasters, it was bumpy and rough. Probably not a repeater.

While we were looking for a way to the other half of the park (seriously, the map is ridiculously not helpful. We think that Hodgins may have had a hand in putting it together), we noticed the line for the Intimidator was really short. Since Nate had a sunburn on his neck that was starting to get bad, we decided to try the Intimidator then head out. It is a crazy ride! You sit in this racecar type seat and get only a lap bar to hold you in (which mean there are no inverted turns or loops.) The seat doesn’t quite click down far enough for comfort for me, though Nate is well strapped in. It was such a good ride, though (and the line was so short! 15 minutes, tops) we did it twice before we left for the day.

The first hill of the Intimidator.

It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go back!

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