Couch to 5k: Week 5

 Well, we’re calling a mulligan on this week. They can’t all go well!

We ended up skipping Wednesday’s run because Nate was sick. He was sick enough he stayed home from work, so we felt justified in skipping. Friday I felt like I had a touch of a cold, but we decided to at least give it a whirl and surprised ourselves by doing the whole 10 minute jog. Granted, I was wheezing like a dying pig for the last minute, but we finished it! We were supposed to run Sunday morning when I got up (Nate gets up at 4AM so he can go to bed in the middle of the day so he can transition back to his nocturnal schedule.) But, it was hot and humid so I proposed that we run when he gets up at night instead. However, he couldn’t fall asleep Sunday afternoon, so he wouldn’t have gotten enough sleep if he got up at 8PM so we could run. So… we’re just going to start this week’s running over again on Monday.

What we ended up doing

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