Murphy’s Law

We were so excited about my shiny new paychecks, being a double income family and having alternate pay schedules (one of us gets paid every week) that I think we annoyed the universe.

Because, this Sunday in the middle of our laundry day, the dryer stopped working. The light in the drum turns on, but it most definitely does not spin. No drying whatsoever. Given that our washer and dryer was purchased for $150 from a graduating fourth year at the end of my first year (and that he got it from someone else 4 years before that), it wasn’t worth paying to get it fixed.

So, we headed off to Sears and got a new washer and dryer! They were having a pretty amazing sale, so we seemed to get a pretty good deal. They arrive next Saturday!

Shiny new washer and dryer!

After we bought the washer and dryer, Nate went home to bed and I went to the coin laundry on the corner of our street and dried the wet clothes.

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