Rock N Run 5k

We weren’t doing that couch to 5k program for nothing! Early in our couch to 5k, we signed up for the “Rock N Run” through Nate’s work (they paid the registration!) The race is held in North End, which is one of the areas of Charlotte undergoing a huge revitalization. It starts and ends at the NC Music Factory, which is this big conglomeration of clubs, bars and concert venues.

I was a little nervous about it, because we’ve abandoned couch to 5k for about two weeks leading up to the race. Between my getting out of work late, the heat and/or the rain, it just didn’t work out for us to go running together and neither of us had the motivation to do it alone. But we sucked it up and went!

Ready to run!

Since the registration was sponsored by Nate’s work, there were lots of other people from the station there. Nate picked up registration bags (including the number, tshirt and some assorted weird goodies like pens) for several people he works with (Blaine, Keith and Melissa) so we met up with them in the parking lot. We also ran into several other people he works with.

Morning Show People – Nate, Blaine, Keith, Allison, Melissa, Peter

The race itself went well. We obviously spread out after the start based on speed and stamina. I eventually made Nate leave me behind because I was frustrating him by going too slow. But, I felt super awful around the 1 mile marker and just needed more time to walk it off. Once I was alone I ended up intermittently jogging and walking. I’d set little goals for myself- “I’m going to run to that church then walk to the green house in the distance” and just pushing through. I ended up finishing about 5 minutes behind Nate (last of our group, but not last overall or anything like that).

Me finishing the race! Nate came back and ran the last couple yards again with me. The picture was taken by Melissa.

After the race, we went out to breakfast with Blaine, Keith, Melissa and Melissa’s boyfriend Rohit (who did not come to the race) at the Original Pancake House. It was delicious and well worth it!

After breakfast, we went home and took naps! Saturday afternoon felt like a whole different day! And we were in bed by 9.

On Sunday, we were super sore and pretty much limped along through our grocery shopping.

It was totally worth it and a lot of fun! There’s a 5k in October on the runway at the airport that we’re going to try to run!

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One Response to Rock N Run 5k

  1. Alea says:

    How awesome that you did this. 🙂 I was always slow, so I told myself that finishing was the only thing that matters.

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