Olde Meck Brewery

One of the places that gets brought up a lot when we talk about being new in the area and looking for things to do and places to explore is the Olde Meck Brewery. It’s one of the first craft breweries in Charlotte.

Walking into the taproom, there is a definite German feel. They also serve food, but German food is gross so we only had a pretzel.

Inside the taproom

We sampled their two year round beers – Copper and Captain Jack (named after some famous Carolina Captain. I didn’t really read the whole story, but it isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow, in case you were wondering.) And by “we sampled” I mean, we ordered both of them, I had a sip of each and Nate finished them for us. My estimation is that as far as beer goes, they weren’t awful. Nate thought they were very good.

Half pint of copper and full pint of Captain Jack

On Saturdays, they do free tours at 2, 3 and 4pm, so of course we went on a tour. It was really informative and interesting. Apparently, the brewery was started by a retired Chemical Engineer who had lived in Germany for a few years and fell in love with a specific type of German beer. They brew specifically according to a German beer purity law, which is pretty cool.

Our tour guide, Clay, describing something beer-related.

It was a really good time!

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1 Response to Olde Meck Brewery

  1. Mom says:

    Whats wrong with German food? Well, the beer looks good.

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