Up..Up..and Away!

Hello Blog! While I (Nate) have been contributing to our stories from the beginning through my pictures, I’ve got a story that only I can share. As many of you know I am the 5am producer for WSOC-TV here in Charlotte. Recently I was selected to help out on Friday nights with the weekly high school football show. So yes, if you’re doing the math it creates a wild schedule (Sun-Thurs 10pm – 8am, Friday 5pm – 12:30 am). However so far so good! Anyway after working on an hour-long special two weeks ago, things finally got underway this past Friday with Week One. I got to go up in Chopper 9 Skyzoom (our news chopper)!!

Chopper 9 Skyzoom

Channel 9’s new chopper with brand new graphics.

While I was only supposed to go up to shoot a high school football game, Breaking News lived up to its name and we went up early.

Bad wreck on the interstate during busy Friday rush hour traffic.

We flew from Charlotte to Gastonia where this 18 wheeler hit one of the struts on this railroad bridge. It turns out that a car in front of the truck hydroplaned, spun around, and hit the big rig head on! The cab of the truck overturned and it trailer hit the bridge spilling Mexican and Chinese beer all over the road!!

The setup inside the back of the chopper.

Traffic was backed up at least 6 or 7 miles. We did a couple of live shots during the 6pm show before heading back to the station to refuel.

The views from the chopper as we flew back to the Queen City (Charlotte) were awesome. I should also mention that this was my first time flying in a helicopter.

View of Uptown Charlotte from the chopper.

After a brief stop to at the station we were back up in the air heading to shoot some high school football from the air. (Each Friday we have many photographers spread out to shoot several of the games in the region, and pick one to shoot from the chopper.) This time it was a quick flight to the matchup at Independence High School. It was a really different way to see the game.

Friday night high school football from the sky!

We shot the first half, got some good highlights, then flew back to the station to work on the show.

Overall it was a great experience and I think that I will be going up again this week. They want to train me so that if we’re down a photographer I can fill in to shoot the chopper game of the week.

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