Groupon Lesson Learned: read your Groupon

We really enjoy living in a city big enough to have Groupons to things we want to do.

We’ve used several and really enjoyed them. So far, we just decide when we want to go and show up! It’s been awesome!

So, we bought a groupon (or livingsocial, I don’t remember. I use the terms interchangably) for a tubing trip for two about an hour away. We figured we’d go on a Saturday. When we went to print it, we noticed that you’re supposed to call and schedule. So, we tried… and they are all booked up on Saturdays that we are also free. We’re going to try next Thursday, but it might be too cold. We might  be losing this one. Oh well!

Since the tubing wasn’t going to work out, we decided we’d try one of our wine groupons instead. It’s a tasting, tour, bottle of wine and commemorative glasses at a vineyard in Albemarle. We go to print that groupon… and it also requires scheduling. Thinking, “hey, a winery can’t possibly book up on it’s tours!” we give them a call and try to schedule. Turns out most of their employees will be at a wine festival in Asheville that day and they aren’t offering tours. We could still do the tasting, but we’d lose some of the value of our groupon. Luckily, this one is good through November so we can definitely find another time to do it. Plus, doesn’t a vineyard in the fall sound super romantic?

Luckily for us, we had a third groupon waiting to be used and that one didn’t require any planning ahead, so we headed out to Cauble Creek Vineyard and had a blast!

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