Cat Bite

I got my first ever bite from an animal on August 29. I’ve had animals snap at me but I’ve never had them make contact yet alone break the skin. And then, to top it off, cat bites are so much worse than dog bites. They have lots of mouth bacteria and super sharp teeth that drive bacteria deep into you.

We got this cat out to sedate her before her dental cleaning because she was super nervous. When I went to pick her up and put her away, I moved my hands a little down from her neck to her shoulders and she practically turned around in her skin and bit me several times. I call it cat-sorcism (like exorcism, with cats.) It hurt a little at the time, but I knew it would get worse. (I also started treating myself with antibiotics right away. I know I should have gone to a people doctor, but I had stuff to do!)

By the second day, it was swollen and really, really painful. It was a little better the third day, but after working a full day, it was really painful again.

Day 3, post bite. The black lines were to track the swelling/redness.

Now, a week and a half post bite, it’s almost all better. There are still some scabs,  but they don’t hurt any more. It does itch like crazy, though!

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