Bryson City- Our Cabin

Way back in January, we decided to take a long weekend for our 1 year anniversary and go stay in a cabin in the mountains of Western NC. We made sure to pick a pet friendly cabin so the dogs could come with us, but aside from that we pretty much picked blind!

Well, we did well! We loved it! We stayed in the “Dogwood Inn” from Bryson City Cabin rentals. It was a little one room (well, one room plus the bathroom) cabin with a giant covered deck.

The driveway, however, was a little terrifying! We kept getting the wheels of the Escape stuck in these dug out spots then the tires would just spin and I felt like there was no traction. We got pretty good at backing up the hill, which worked a lot better.

See, it was a really steep driveway!

The cabin itself was really charming! It had a little living space with a leather couch, wood coffee table, TV and gas burning stove. We never did end up using the stove, unfortunately.

The “living room” (and a little of the kitchen)

The cabin also had a kitchen. While it was really nice to be able to cook for ourselves most meals, it definitely made me miss my kitchen and my much nicer tools! The bedroom area was really nice, though. Comfortable bed, soft linens. Surprisingly, the cabin stayed a lot warmer than I expected even when it was 32 degrees outside overnight.

The sleeping space

Probably the highlight of the cabin was the covered deck. It had a picnic table, chairs to sit in and a hot tub. We definitely spent time in the hot tub every day we were there! It was wonderful! (Though, the hurry up back inside after getting out of the hot water was a rather chilly sometimes.)

The deck!

The view was amazing! The trees were just starting to change colors and you could see out really far onto other mountains. There was also a flock of wild turkeys that would walk around at the base of our cabin and up the hill past us.

A morning view off the deck. We’re even with the clouds!

One thing I won’t miss is trying to walk the dogs on the side of a mountain!

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One Response to Bryson City- Our Cabin

  1. That looks like a great vacation! I can’t imagine a better trip than a cabn with my husband and the dog!

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