Bryson City- Ghost Walk!

Bryson City is a pretty sleepy little town (most shops close at 5 and the restaurants close at 7ish) but there were a couple things going on while we were in town. Given how much my dad loves Ghost Hunters (and we do, too) we couldn’t pass up a “Ghost Walk.”

Prepare to be skeered!

We started at this little local museum. There were about 8 or so people on the tour, plus the guide. He asked me to carry the K2 meter. I was really pretty excited about it. I didn’t end up having and Jason&Grant style conversations with any ghosts with my K2 meter, though.

K2 Meter! Serious ghost hunting.

We walked around downtown a little while the guide told us the local legends and ghost stories. Apparently, there’s been a paranormal investigation crew to come in and do an investigation into a bank building in the area.

We didn’t see any ghosts

We also heard stories about the only person tried and hung for murder in Bryson City. He turned out to be innocent. One of Jesse James train robbing comrades apparently ended up retiring to be a hermit in Bryson City after he got his foot blown off in a robbery. He apparently ended up washed away by the river.

Hearing more ghost stories

The guide also told a lot of Cherokee stories, which were pretty interesting.

Overall, it was a fun hour and a half or so!

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