Bryson City- Hiking to Some Waterfalls

There are some really nice trails just outside Bryson City and the Deep Creek entrance to the National Park. The tour books really talk up the Deep Creek Trail and it’s two waterfalls, so we decided to go see those one morning without the dogs (since they weren’t allowed on those trails.)

It was cold!

One nice thing about being out for a hike by 9:30AM on a cold morning is that the trails are pretty much deserted. We didn’t start running into many other people until we were on our way back down in the later morning.

Empty, peaceful trail.

We picked the Deep Creek Trail to see the waterfalls and because it had a loop trail so we could end up back where we started without having to hike too much of the same trail twice. We get to see more pretty nature that way!

The first falls we came to were TimTom falls, which were right off the main path.

So beautiful

Further into the trail, we came across Indian Creek falls. Getting to see Indian Creek required a pretty steep climb down a little spur trail, but it was really worth it!

Indian Creek Falls

Us at Indian Creek Falls

After the falls, we decided to just keep following the trail and see where we ended up. The guide book in the cabin did mention a moderately steep part where the Deep Creek Loop gets close to the Sunkata Ridge Trail. It really wasn’t kidding! Most of the trail was a nice, wide trail with an even grade. It obviously had tracks of those ATVs the park rangers drive (and some horse tracks!) But, then the mile long loop trail got really thin and pretty steep! It was about a half mile up and a half mile down.  We definitely got a leg workout in on that one!


I don’t know if you can see the steepness off the side of the trail in this picture, but it was really steep! Also, as a little bit of explanation, we have a tradition of taking a picture of our feet on vacation after Nate took an accidental picture of our feet on our first vacation together.

One problem with hiking on pretty empty trails is there’s nobody to take pictures of use together!


The hike down was a lot easier! We went back to town, had some pizza (which was delicious!) then settled in and watched a whole bunch of Sunday Football! (Don’t get me started on the insanity of this season and the replacement refs!)

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