Barkbox- September

Yep, this is coming super late.

Barkbox is a monthly subscription service where you get a collection of dog products. Kind of like a wine of the month club,  except puppies!

We got the Barkbox through a Groupon, which I think might be the best Groupon we’ve gotten so far. We have a 6 month subscription, and if we love them all, we’ll renew it.

September’s Barbox was great! Opening our first Barkbox was so exciting! It was colorful and vibrant and full of goodies!

So much fun stuff!

It also comes with a cute little card describing all your goodies. In the September box, we got a Hurley (the little green toy), freeze dried sweet potato and chicken treats, all natural dental treats, and some coupons for a website we never visited.

The treats were a big hit with the dogs, though I’m a little leary of new foods with Dexter’s sensitive stomach. But, they loved them and he didn’t have any problems.

The Hurley was a big hit. Dexter loved it immediately, didn’t manage to destroy it and has continued to play with it. That is a rare combination in a toy.

Dex and his Hurley.

Fiona doesn’t seem to care either way about the Hurley, but she loved the consumables. Overall, the Zukes (dental chew treats) were really nice. They actually did make her breath smell better!

Mmmm… dental health!

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2 Responses to Barkbox- September

  1. swalia says:

    lovely dogs you have….and lucky them to have you!

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