Stony Mountain Vineyards

We used another Groupon for a wine tasting, tour and glass of wine at Stony Mountain Vineyards.

Stony Mountain is about 45 minutes away from our house in a low mountain range. It kind of snuck up on us. We were driving around in terrain that looked pretty much like Charlotte then all of a sudden we were driving up a dirt road into the mountains!

The vineyard itself was beautiful. It is essentially carved into the side of the mountain. We learned on our tour of the wine making room that the wine cellar is literally dug into the side of the mountain (apparently, it keeps the cellar nice and cool despite summer temperatures.)

Muscadine vines on the side of the mountain

We started off with the wine tasting. Nate and I tasted their muscadine menu while some other people that came in tried their viniferous grape menu. Stony Mountain grows their own muscadine grapes to turn into wine and import other grapes to make traditional European wines. They tried to grow viniferous grapes at first, but kept losing them to deer despite their best effors. The deer leave the fruit of the local muscadines alone. After our tasting, we had a glass of wine each on the patio over looking the vines.


After our wine, we went on a tour of the wine room with the owner. It was really interesting. They had big vats of muscadine grapes they had recently harvested fermenting. He talked to us about the process of wine making and showed us the barrel room where they store the European wine while they age.

Wine cellar!

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