Disney- Epcot

Epcot is one of my favorite parks. It isn’t very ride heavy, but it’s a fun place to spend time. And, during October, Epcot has a Food and Wine Festival! (However, because we did the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan, we were pretty much stuffed the whole time we were there and didn’t actually stop at any of the Food and Wine Festival booths. But they smelled good!)


One of the highlights of Epcot was the Akerhaus breakfast with the Princesses. I am a total sucker for the original set of Disney Princesses (I’m a little iffy on some of the new ones.) Belle is my obvious favorite- look at all those books!

Me and Nate with Belle!

At the Princess breakfast, they funnel everyone through pictures with Belle then to your seats. While you’re eating breakfast, the rest of the Princesses stop by the tables for pictures. Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and Ariel were present. Though, really, I found Ariel’s costume a little weak. The other princesses were great, though!

Nate and Cinderella. This is one of my favorite pictures!

We spent the whole day at Epcot- from open to close- and had a blast! We rode most of the rides that they have and spent most of our time walking from place to place. We ate great food but I spaced our reservations out a little poorly so we bounced around the park a lot. It was a lot of fun, though! (And with all that eating, we could definitely all use the walking!)

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