Disney- Magic Kindgom!

We got into the park early for our breakfast reservations. The Crystal Palace has a really tasty breakfast buffet and the Winnie the Pooh characters. I have a soft spot for Eeyore (though, I am not a big Piglet fan. He does a little too much hand wringing for my taste.) We really enjoyed having all the characters come by and take pictures!

Me, Piglet and the moms!

We then walked over to adventure land and had a blast on the rides there. We were the first group out on the Jungle Cruise, and had it pretty much to ourselves. We were the only people in the first show of the Tiki Room. We then pretty much walked onto the Pirates of the Caribbean. We also walked onto Splash Mountain where I got way wetter than I had hoped. There was lots of finger combing after that. We also walked onto Big Thunder Mountain (twice.) So, we got through about half the Magic Kindgom really fast!

Jungle Cruise! Watch out for the snake!

After getting so much accomplished so quickly, we were afraid we wouldn’t come up with enough to do for the afternoon, but we managed to fill our time. We did the obligatory round on Small World and rode the Peter Pan ride. Disney World apparently has decided they really like little rides where you get into a little vehicle and ride through the summary of a popular Disney story. Overall, I really enjoyed them!

Pretty side view of Cinderella’s Castle

Disney is also building an addition to the Magic Kindgom (called “New Fantasyland”) that is essentially Belle’s world with a little Ariel thrown in. They were filming new commercials and running “dress rehearsals” of the Little Mermaid ride and the new stores. They even had Gaston out and about taking pictures with people.

The new Little Mermaid ride!

We also waited for Storytime with Belle, which was a really interesting new experience. They take a group of people in and assign “parts” as people want them (I ended being the barking footstool!) and then take you in and essentially go through the beginning part of Beauty and the Beast where Belle meets the Beast. It was fun!

You can just see my footstool in my hands.

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