Barkbox- October

October’s Barkbox was an interesting assortment of things. It included a bag of turkey liver treats from Feelgood Treat Company, a Lollycadoodle (handmade wool toy from Nepal), a discount pet perscription card (boo, Barkbox), a mustache toy from Moody Pet, teeth cleaning gel from Tropiclean and decorative poop bags from Metro Paws.

Barkbox full of goodies!

We haven’t tried the teeth gel yet, but I’m a little skeptical. We also ended up giving away the poop bag (barely visible in the upper right corner) to Becky because we don’t pick up poop since we don’t live in an apartment.

Fiona took first crack at the Lollycadoodle. She really enjoyed playing with it for a little while, but it was dead within about an hour. Fiona is a toy destroyer.

Fiona killing the Lollycadoodle.

Dexter enjoyed the mustache toy. It’s a piece of hard rubber stuff with a little ball he’s supposed to carry it by. He likes chewing on it and carrying it around, but he refuses to carry it by the ball so it would look like he has a mustache. Mostly, he carries it by one of the mustache curls.

Dexter chewing on the mustache.

The turkey liver treats have been a big hit. They both really seem to enjoy them. The only complaint I have is that the treat pieces aren’t even close to being uniform in size, so I feel like I’m shorting one dog when I give them different sized treats. I don’t think they notice, though.

(And, just so you know, the hurley from September’s Barkbox is alive and well. We play with it almost every day.)

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