Trip to the ER

Lizzy’s been nursing a little cold for the last couple days and both flu and RSV are going around her daycare. We actually went to the pediatrician Friday and she tested negative for both. But, yesterday she started running a high fever. It came down a little with tylenol but by the time I got home, her breathing was really fast. We gave her a treatment and put her to bed early. She coughed all night long (Mommy didn’t sleep much) and by 4am was breathing really, really fast again with a really loud wheeze. So we called the pediatrician nurse’s line and they recommended and ER trip. So we went.

It was a difficult process, but she did really well, overall. She cried every time the medical team even came in the room and she vomited up all the oral meds they tried to give her (so she ended up with a tylenol suppository and a steroid shot) but she did great for the xrays.

The diagnosis was bronchitis and an ear infection.

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