February in review

We weren’t blogging in February but we were still busy.

We’ve gone to the discovery center at least once a week since we started our membership. Lizzy loves it. She runs around from thing to thing. She’s been really into driving things recently.

She also loves the puppet show. Last time I took her, she plopped down in front of the puppet show stage a good half hour before it started. I had to convince her to get up and do something else. Then when the puppet show song (“it’s time for the puppet show! The puppet show! Let’s all go! Let’s all go!”) she ran over and got a good spot.

We also had a snow/ice storm. Lizzy wanted to play outside so bad! The dogs and I wanted to go in, but Lizzy would happily have stayed outside.

She’s also been enjoying her cozy coupe. It’s her fortress of solitude. She also eats her snack out of the cup holders in the back.

Her playground ball has been another favorite toy. She pushes it around, throws it and sits on it.

She also had a great super bowl! (Ok, she was in bed before it started but she enjoyed dressing up for it.)

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