Cast of Characters

Me (on the left): I’m Kim. I’m 27 and starting my career as a veterinarian, which is all I’ve ever wanted to be. I love animals (obviously), love talking about animals (again, obviously), reading and cooking. I am also a bit of a TV and movie junkie.

Nate (on the right): He’s my husband. He’s a TV news producer, currently working on the 6PM show on Channel 9 WSOC in Charlotte.


Lizzy: Our newest addition! We are so thrilled to be parents. Her favorite things to do right now include sleeping, eating and pooping. She hates bath time.

Dexter: He’s a 3 year old neutered male longhaired Dachshund. His favorite activities include fetch, puppy romps, monitoring the outside through the window and sleeping on Nate’s legs.

Fiona: She is a 5 year old spayed female blue dapple Dachshund. She know she’s pretty. Her favorite activities include snuggles, puppy romps, pulling the insides out of toys and bossing Dexter around.

Elli: She is an 13 year old spayed female cat. We sometimes call her Princess-Pants because she is a total princess. Her favorite activities are sleeping, surveying her territory and being pampered.

Hodgins: He’s a 4 year old neutered male cat. Nate picked him. He’s a bit rambunctious, but he’s gotten a lot sweeter as he’s grown up. His favorite activities include sleeping on his back, talking to his prey and harassing Elli.


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