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Stories from our jobs

First day back to work

I had my first day back to work yesterday. It was hard! But, luckily, Nate has this week off work so he’s home with her. It makes the transition a little easier, I think, to have her with her daddy … Continue reading

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Cat Bite

I got my first ever bite from an animal on August 29. I’ve had animals snap at me but I’ve never had them make contact yet alone break the skin. And then, to top it off, cat bites are so … Continue reading

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Up..Up..and Away!

Hello Blog! While I (Nate) have been contributing to our stories from the beginning through my pictures, I’ve got a story that only I can share. As many of you know I am the 5am producer for WSOC-TV┬áhere in Charlotte. … Continue reading

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Flying Solo!

This Sunday was my first day at work as the only doctor. When I work with another doctor, I make my own medical decisions and recommendations, but I also have someone to ask questions (about things like Banfield protocol or … Continue reading

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My First Day as a Veterinarian!

I had a wonderful first day at work! A long, long day but definitely a good one! I spent nearly 11 hours at work (9AM-7:50PM) and saw 28 patients. Today was apparently exceptionally busy. The techs Neyamiah and Andrew both … Continue reading

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Vet School Graduation

I’ve only ever wanted to be a veterinarian. Well, ok, I had a brief flirtation with a desire to be a dolphin trainer after a visit to Sea World when I was 6 or 7 years old. Other than that, … Continue reading

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