More please

Lizzy has now learned how to say please (in sign and vocally) and is stringing it together with more! It’s so cute.

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Lizzy’s favorite food

… is bread. Just plain bread. She will pull the loaf off the counter to try to get it.

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February videos

We’ve also been taking a lot of videos lately. Though videos are hard! When she catches you taping her, she usually stops.

Daycare has been teaching her to say more (and please) in sign language:

She’s picked up “nononono” complete with finger wag:

Her dancing has gotten pretty cute. She likes to twirl:

She and Hodgins also enjoyed playing tug of war:

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February in review

We weren’t blogging in February but we were still busy.

We’ve gone to the discovery center at least once a week since we started our membership. Lizzy loves it. She runs around from thing to thing. She’s been really into driving things recently.

She also loves the puppet show. Last time I took her, she plopped down in front of the puppet show stage a good half hour before it started. I had to convince her to get up and do something else. Then when the puppet show song (“it’s time for the puppet show! The puppet show! Let’s all go! Let’s all go!”) she ran over and got a good spot.

We also had a snow/ice storm. Lizzy wanted to play outside so bad! The dogs and I wanted to go in, but Lizzy would happily have stayed outside.

She’s also been enjoying her cozy coupe. It’s her fortress of solitude. She also eats her snack out of the cup holders in the back.

Her playground ball has been another favorite toy. She pushes it around, throws it and sits on it.

She also had a great super bowl! (Ok, she was in bed before it started but she enjoyed dressing up for it.)

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Hospital stay

Sorry for the long absence of blog posts. After the last post about taking Lizzy to the ER for breathing troubles,  we ended up in the hospital for 3 days/2 nights. I’ve been writing and rewriting this post for about a month… it’s hard. I still get a little worked up about it.

After her ER trip Sunday, she perked up a little. But Monday she still wasn’t breathing normally. I put her down for nap and called her pediatrician who said I should bring her in that afternoon. I woke her up from nap and took her in. She was running a fever and had oxygen saturation in the 80s. Her doctor listened to her lungs, looked at her chart and said “I think you know what I’m going to say… she needs to go to the hospital.” I think my stomach hit the ground. I wanted to cry (but didn’t.  Because that would have scared Lizzy more.)

The doctor called the hospital downtown and got her pre-admitted. He also called an ambulance so we could ride with her on oxygen. The paramedics arrived and started her on a nebulizer treatment with supplemental oxygen. I carried her down the elevator and held her while they got the car seat out of my car and strapped it to the gurney. She rode to the hospital in her car seat on a gurney with an oxygen mask on (and a bunch of monitor wires.)

At the hospital, we went right upstairs to the pediatric observation unit and got put into a room. Nate beat us to the hospital. They placed an IV, drew blood and got a nasal oxygen cannula hooked up. They also took an xray and diagnosed her with pneumonia.

After 2 days of oxygen and antibiotics, she finally held her oxygenation on her own and we went home on Wednesday.

Staying in the hospital was the scariest and most tedious experience I’ve ever had.

When we got home, we were surprised to find my friend who fed the animals for us also cleaned up the living room and did the dishes. She was a life saver. We ran Lizzy through a quick bath and right to nap. Hodgins was actually really happy to see her.

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Trip to the ER

Lizzy’s been nursing a little cold for the last couple days and both flu and RSV are going around her daycare. We actually went to the pediatrician Friday and she tested negative for both. But, yesterday she started running a high fever. It came down a little with tylenol but by the time I got home, her breathing was really fast. We gave her a treatment and put her to bed early. She coughed all night long (Mommy didn’t sleep much) and by 4am was breathing really, really fast again with a really loud wheeze. So we called the pediatrician nurse’s line and they recommended and ER trip. So we went.

It was a difficult process, but she did really well, overall. She cried every time the medical team even came in the room and she vomited up all the oral meds they tried to give her (so she ended up with a tylenol suppository and a steroid shot) but she did great for the xrays.

The diagnosis was bronchitis and an ear infection.

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Playing fetch

Lizzy has learned to throw and is enjoying playing Dexter’s favorite game.

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Lizzy loves yogurt and she’s working on utensils. Sometimes she gets them, sometimes she doesn’t.

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Silly girl

This weekend, Lizzy’s favorite game was to roll around on the floor and chatter to herself. Silly!

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Dinosaur talent show

The Discovery Zone does a puppet show every morning about 930 or so.  Nate and I have each seen it multiple times at this point. It’s a cute little dinosaur talent show (spoiler alert: trex wins by virtue of being a trex) until the end when it gets a little… dark. An asteroid hits and the poor baby hepatosaurus runs around screaming “mommy! Mommy!” The first time I saw it, I texted Nate about the ending but apparently they missed it the first time. They saw it the second time they watched and agreed… a little dark for a puppet show! Lizzy loves it anyway, though.

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